#Auction EventTraditional Sale
1 Focus is on your property alone Property of many being advertised and shown
2 Results in offers in as little as 30 days May remain on market for months or years
3 Extensive advertising featuring your property Minimal advertising: Heavy reliance on Multiple Listing Service
4 Buyer's act on your schedule Little time motivation for buyers - you wait for them
5 Auction provides catalyst to promote buyer interest Price reduction encouraged to create buyer interest in activity
6 No limit on upside potential Upside potential limited by asking price
7 Eliminates guesswork in determining the asking price of the property Seller risks overpricing and receives little interest -OR- risks underpricing and accepting too little
8 All conditions of the sale set in advance, thus eliminating negotiations. Seller must negotiate all aspects of the sale
9 Property sold without contingencies Contingencies are common

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